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I don't offer half hour sessions.  You may stay half an hour if you like, however I do charge by the hour like all other reputable escorts.

I cannot stress enough how important cleanliness is to me!!! 

You will be required to shower upon arrival and wash yourself with soap/shower gel all over thoroughly.  If you smoke then you must scrub your hands, gargle with mouth wash and shampoo your hair. The smell of stale tobacco makes me ill and I will not tolerate lack of hygiene

I have had guys arrive in the past who thought it was ok to stand under a shower and not washed them selves with shower gel provided. I could smell their body odour.  I find this offensive as I take plenty of time getting ready for each client and am always immaculately clean for them.  I find this absolutely disgusting that a small per cent of guys don't care about their hygiene or how they present themselves in front of others. This totally turns me off.  If I'm not turned on then you won't be.

I also find it disgusting when I have met guys who have wanted to try anal and not prepared themselves beforehand.  If you are unsure how to prepare yourself then you can ask me.  It’s not a pleasant topic I know, but it's imperative that you are prepared.  Make sure you have had a number 2 and your passage is clear.  You can buy a douche from chemists or some sex shops and clean your hole with soapy water if you like.  At the end of the day if you turn up and expect me to wipe your arse then you have mistaken me for someone who looks after adult babies.

Failure to meet my personal hygiene requirements will result in me asking you to leave without a refund - so be warned

I was attacked today by a client who tried to pay only a small amount
of my fee - despite me already offering a buy one get one free special!

I was able to fend off the attack. The client’s car registration
number has been passed to the police!!!

The client, who didn't originate from the UK, threatened that he will
seek revenge for reporting him to police by getting his friends to make
a booking. So I regret that for my protection I am not able to see any
clients from that part of the world any more (I'll tell you which part
of the world if I think you come from there!). Please do not be
offended if I decline a booking. I am now going solely on my gut feeling
concerning meets.


You can call me on 07809 616 998 from a displayed number after 10am 7 days a

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