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Penny's Feedback


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Penny Review 1


Hi Penny,

Just a short note to thank you for such a hot and horny time yesterday, you
will be the subject of many an erotic story and orgasm among my little

Hope to come back and see you soon darling, you are one gorgeous girly!



Penny Review 2


Time spent: 2 hours


Penny has a smart clean flat with secure parking and a discreet entrance.


Penny is 100% convincing. Very pretty with big brown eyes and a gentle,welcoming, femenine manner, very much a girlfrfiend experience.


I decided to try Penny because of the content of her website. She seemed open and honest and to have thought about the experience she provided. I was not disappointed. She greeted me at the door in a classy silky dressing gown, red patent stack heels and a fishnets and basque affair that really complimented her curves. I came into her bedroom and introduced myself saying it was essentially my first time. She showed me through to the bathroom and gave me ample time to have a relaxing shower and get dried off. I then went back through and lay on her bed. She joined me a moment later with a large glass of Baileys. She offered to put on some shemale porn which I declined as she was far more attractive than any thing I'd seen on a TV screen(!)

I lay on the bed and we talked and drank for a few minutes. She told me in general terms about the guys she'd seen and what they had in common. This helped me relax as evidently finding a t-girl a turn on is far more common than I had thought. We talked about what I wanted and what turned her on, and she evidently became turned on just at this discussion, as did I. It was very arousing to be with a girl where you could tell with 100% accuracy that she was into it as well.

She then gave me a pleasant and very competent back massage to break the ice. She has a very gentle, feminine way with her that made me comfortable and was very useful as it helped me relax enough to take all of her later. Next she turned me over and sucked my cock expertly. She's not lying when she says she's VERY good! Not only that but I could see and hear that she liked doing it, a huge turn on for me. I stroked her hair and felt her ass while she did it making her wriggle and moan slightly. She kept eye contact and I can honestly say throughout this encounter, looking into her huge brown eyes while we did all this was incredibly sexually charged.

I asked her to take off her panties which she did, standing at the bottom of the bed she slowly slid them down allowing her cock to pop up, pointing straight at me. Very weird sensation being looked at hungrily by a cock attached to a beauiful blonde! That image nearly had me coming. Then she walked back towards me and I bent my head down and took her cock in my mouth. Wow! Now that is an experience I never thought I'd enjoy. The view is the same as doing a girl but the feeling of it hot and pulsating in my mouth while she smiled at me and very gently worked her hips was very, very erotic. She has a succulent cock that strangely seems like it's not really a man's cock. The best way I can explain it is that it is to my cock what Ms Pac Man was to Pac Man - the same but different, it was just clean and smooth with very trimmed pubes and hairless balls.

We then slid into a 69 for a while before she pulled out a condom and put it on me followed by a little lube. Then she got on all fours and gave me a show as she rubbed lubricant on her ass. "Do you want to fuck me then?" "Yes, do you want me to?" "Don't ask me, just look at my cock" It was definitely hard. "Just put it in, you don't have to be too gentle." I got behind her and pushed my cock into her ass. It was a struggle as she was very very tight indeed, much tighter than a woman's ass. She stroked her cock as I thrust into her. I reached around and felt her cock stiff against her belly as I fucked her in the ass. After a while I withdrew and she said, "do you want to try now?"

I lay on my front as she massaged down my back and legs before travelling up my inner thighs and started gently stroking and teasing my buttocks and the back of my balls, making me work my hips. Then she stroked my anus with gentle fingertip, allowing me to get used to being touched there. Then she got a little lubricant and massaged around the outside with a little gentle pressure, starting to dip into it bit by bit. She started to fuck me with just the tip of her finger, slowly working it both deeper and around in circles, gently stretching the muscle to get it relaxing gradually. No pain just a very sensual pleasurable invasion. She showed me what it felt like when she massaged my prostate and I turned on my side with my knees up so I could look her in the eye as she did it.

She then took a vibrator covered with a condom and lube and repeated the process helping me take more width and depth. I asked her to fuck me about 7 or 8 times but she said, "not yet, you're not relaxed enough. I need about three to four fingers in first, then you'll be able to take me easily and it won't hurt at all. "Eventually I got up on all fours, my head was spinning from this new experience of wanting to be penetrated. Again the anticipation and feeling of role reversal was just incredibly erotic. She pushed the vibrator into my ass again to make sure I was relaxed then she put her cock against my hole and gently eased it in. "That's me now, how does it feel""Oh my god, amazing" "Want some more?" I pushed back against her cock making her gasp. Once she was in all the way I could feel her balls against mine. Then she fucked me until I came, hard. I think I nearly passed out. After a while I came to and we played around further and I made her come -another very erotic experience.

All in all this was a life changing experience that blew my mind to tiny bits for days afterwards. Penny is enormously sexy and well worth a travelling a longway to see!

Penny Review 3

Penny Trayshun and the time of my life.

Was it an accident or was it fate? I wondered!

At the end of the day it did not matter as it was the most erotic
sexual experience I have ever had. On a social level she was so so
cool and relaxing.

I came across on a link site. I loved her pictures
and profile and in all honesty I can tell you in hindsight. She is
much more sensual and beautiful in person than even her pics suggest
and as for the pleasure she provides and enjoys herself: No words can
do it justice.

OK There are many attractive girls online and i have been with more
than a few. But none like Penny. That is what inspired me to write
this review. With Penny we chatted on MSN and she charmed and
beguiled me and made me laugh. She also made me extremely extremely horny.
Anyway we arranged to meet and I flew over the following Thursday.
I met her in the Bar of a hotel. I was slightly nervous. This vanished
within a few seconds of meeting her. Conversation flowed instantly and
smoothly on the wings of her soft voice. She had a beautiful smile,
stunning body and sweet scented smooth skin.

She liked to chat and laugh. But was also such a good listener
which is quite unusual as with many girls it is "Me Me Me". She for
a long long timecould see through my trousers what I was feeling and
thankfully suggested we go up and I could show her the room. When we
got up I showered and when I came out she was relaxing on my bed
watching TV like we were an old couple. It was so sweet and totally
relaxed any last vestige of nerves I had.

She took my other towel and stood behind me and softly dried my
hair. Then she dropped the towel and ever so gently breathed on and
kissed my neck. I turned around and touched her soft , moist lush lips
and received a kiss so sweet, sensual and erotic. I am bisexual and
have been with many beautiful girls. This moment , I realised later,
was the singular most erotic of my life up to that point and my cock
was never harder or bigger.

She was immaculately clean and smooth soft skin. Little pert breasts
like a man like myself dreams of.

I am not going into private physical details except to say that it
was the best sex I ever had and every part fell into place It really
felt more emotional than I could have imagined. Penny was so so
considerate, sensual, sexual,erotic, beautiful and she was enjoying it
so much ( Like I said I am not going into details). She was so so
horny and it was so natural.

After my Orgasm we showered and I came out expecting her to leave
soon. Job done!

How wrong I was. She dressed just in her black lingerie and stockings
and lay down beside me and we chatted and laughed. Her smile, her
scent, everything about her got to me.

I am mid forties and don't do two orgasms a day. But there she had
me and there I took her again for a long long time. She made me so
horny I could not stop.

We parted. I gave her a sizeable tip and have been to see her many
times since and each time feels better than the previous. She really
is too much. I have never even dreamed of trying anyone else. When
one finds the best only an idiot goes back to lesser beauty.

I write this in honour of Penny. She inspired it and hopefully to let
others, like myself and we should help one another, know where to go
to find someone amazingly Special.

If you do please treat her very very well and I can guarantee you
will not want to go elsewhere again.

Finally...Value for money???.... you will have so much fun finding
that out for yourself. But ultimately she seriously undercharges for
the service, emotion and pleasure she provides. It should be many many
more times that.